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GORILLA GEAR RoBlack BURRS 71mm Conical

GORILLA GEAR RoBlack BURRS 71mm Conical

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The Robur has been a solid international workhorse all around the world for a very long time, as we strive for higher extractions but are in still great need of speed, we decided to fill a gap and make an improvement to this hard-working veteran espresso grinder.

The Gorilla Gear RoBlack is all about improving the quality of a conical extraction and reducing operating temperature. Real-time cafe environment tests have shown a reduction of up to 10°C on the adjustment collar. This reduction in temperature minimises the necessary grind adjustment in busy periods.

With adjustments made to the finishing cut of the burr the exit point of the conical burrs aids in improving exit flow of ground coffee, reducing static, clumping and increasing consistency. PLEASE NOTE, The Gorilla Gear RoBLACK are suited for single phase Mazzer Robur or similar.

As we continue to evolve, learn and grow so will our products. We endeavour to provide the coffee industry with as much information as possible about the benefits of our products and will continue to build this library with the aim of making coffee tastier.

All Gorilla Gear burrs are pre-seasoned during the manufacturing process. Once pre-seasoned they are hardened and then treated with a low friction coating to drastically reduce surface friction. This aids in reducing equipment operating temperature, static and excessive heat.

Hardness - The life of you burrs is important and as well as using a high-quality tooling steel all our burrs are also hardened.

Hardness - HV ( Vickers Pyramid Number )

Standard Steel Burrs - 800 HV Gorilla Gear Black Burrs - 2,500 - 3,000 HV

Friction - Through thorough testing, we have been able to gain higher extractions and clarity in the cup through reducing surface friction. Our low friction coating is the final stage of production and also gives our burrs a stunning black finish.

Friction Factor

Standard Steel Burrs - 0.8-1.0 Gorilla Gear Black Burrs - 0.1

- The Gorilla Gear RoBlack Burrs are to fit with the Mazzer Robur 71mm single phase grinder or similar.